How to publish a good Picturestory

Posted on 01/10/2017 by Haseeb

Before getting into the details of “How to create Good Picturestories”, Let's have a short introduction to Picturestories and the purpose of creating them.

Picturestories are short and simple stories made from a series of pictures. It's important that we keep this in mind before creating a Picturestory.

Every Picturestory have the following structure.

  • A title
  • A short introduction
  • Category of the story
  • Slides for adding media and associated details.

Let's get into the details of each.

Title of the Picturestory

Title of the Picturestory is one thing which immediately supports your picture and nudge the reader to open your story. So try to make it sweet, simple and personal. For eg. if it is a personal story you can choose like; My weekend trip to Las Vegas, Baby's first month, My weekend cooking experiment etc. The essence is to keep it interesting. If your Picturestory is on a serious topic, you can choose according to content of the story.

Short Introduction

The short introduction of the story should be short, precise, passionate yet not misleading in any way. Give as much detail as possible, but don't make the description lengthy. Most people prefer Picturestories because they wish to read less. The goal is to reinforce their interest in your story. Give it a personal touch.

For eg. we had an opportunity to visit so and so place over the weekend. Never thought it will be so interesting. Our family really enjoyed this place. For those who wish to visit this place, we suggest going there in the morning hours, as the place will be filled with mist and that itself is a treat for the eyes and rejuvenate your mind.

Category Selection

Category selection is not something which directly affect the reader. But choosing the right category, will help in getting your story to right audience. Hence, the story must be categorized correctly. If multiple categories are not allowed on a website, use the most apt category while adding the others as hashtags. It doesn't matter if you think cooking is art. A Picturestory pertaining to a recipe should be put in the category of Food. If the Picturestory is about travelling across the world and tasting different cuisines it belongs in the category travel and not food. This is not a rule, but a method of ensuring that a story receives maximum attention from audiences likely to relate to and enjoy it.

Adding Media

Every slide is a place to add either a picture or video along with a description and location. You can add pictures of your choice. Take care not to add pictures which are of really bad quality or pixelated. Don't add description just for the sake of it. Descriptions are least expected in Picturestories unless it is absolutely needed.

If you are creating a Picturestory about the first month of a baby or about an evening walk in the park, you might not want to add too much descriptions. But, if you are creating a mobile travel story, you might want to add description about the place and your experiences associated with it.

The slide have options to tag the location of the media. This will help your story to be more relevant when users search for that particular location.

Some Additional Tips

Try to select an image which summarizes your story well as the cover image for your story. This image comes first while your Picturestories are shared elsewhere on the Internet.

Try to use hashtags to your advantage, while adding descriptions for the pictures.

Publish it publicly so that maximum viewers are reached.

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