Hello from Pictink!!

Posted on 24/09/2017 by Haseeb

Who said only writers can tell stories? Why cant we tell with pictures? It's this thought which lead to the idea of Pictink. A platform exclusively for Picturestories, where a series of pictures are used to tell a story.

All of us have wonderful experiences in life which we think others should also experience. Helpful information, experiences and wonderful moments of life lie hidden in memory sticks because of the thought that it takes time and lot of effort to write and maintain blogs about it. What was missing is a platform where stories can be created, shared and experienced using series of pictures - with ease. Introducing Pictink - a platform exclusively for Picturestories.

Everyone was equipped with a pen earlier and in modern times, everyone have a camera - their visual tool. We believe, everything you see is part of a Picturestory and if you have a camera, you are already a storyteller. It's not the technical quality of the pictures that matter. It's the stories it tell that matters.

Welcome to Pictink and start seeing Picturestories all around!! A platform for common man. Our mission is to help people make Picturestories. If you think your pictures can help some one or is of value, then Pictink is for you. With Pictink you create your brand, and you get the value for your stories and your pictures. 

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